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drf oauth2

Let me explain what we want and how will authentication happen:

What we want:

  1. We will register a user we need to pass username , email , first_name , password (because of our model) .
  2. We will log in that user and that will authenticate user
  3. We will make authenticated requests to api

How will authentication happen:

DJango With EditorJS

Step 1 : Installing django editorjs

pip install django-editorjs

Step 2 : Creating the model

Expand Shrink Cards with react and framer motion
Expand Shrink Cards with react and framer motion

Step 1: Install framer-motion

Step 2 : Creating the Card Component

import {AnimateSharedLayout, motion} from 'framer-motion'
function Card({value}) {const [open,setOpen]=useState(false)return <AnimateSharedLayout>{open?{/* DISPLAY EXPANDED CARD */}:{/* DISPLAY NORMAL CARD */}

Step 1 : Creating a Breakpoints Object

My breakpoints object
  • You can have as many media queries as you want
  • If you have more than two media queries then except the first and last query…

Add Friends in Django Very Easy

Step 1 : Having some sort of profile model or custom user

react firestore firebase
import React from "react";
import * as firebase from "firebase/app";
class Login extends React.Component {
state = {
isSignedIn: false // Local signed-in state.};


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